What is the student learning experience?

L1to1 enables students to move from “content consumers” to actors in their learning experience, having personalized guidance by their educators. Quality becomes the constant, and time the variable. Students are respected for their differences so that their potential is explored to the fullest. They become challenged to the best of their ability, which will enable them to be successful academically and in their lives. The impact extends beyond the academic performance, including aspects such as decrease in school dropout, failure, and effectiveness of educators.

What is the advantage of Learning Autonomy?

A personalized experience that fosters Learning Autonomy increases the academic and life success rate because it focuses on developing the potential of each student and creates a path for a life-long learning experience. It reflects what the word “education” really means from Latin: “to bring forth from within.” Students practice every day, for 12 years, to achieve excellence in everything, to never leave gaps and always find meaning in their work. This will be reflected in their adult lives making them better professionals, better family members, and better citizens. The quality of their lives is directly linked to their relationship with the world.

Do teachers teach?

A Teacher imparts knowledge; An Educator develops the faculties and empowers a person. The role of an Educator is to be the catalyst of excellence – a facilitator of learning – and be able to foster the very best in every student. Learning how to work and educate will require an open-minded approach. The Educator goes through the same process of learning as their students and thus, better understand the challenges that students have.

What curriculum does L1to1 follow?

L1to1 promotes a new pedagogy model, a learning system. That is why it can incorporate any curriculum requirement because it focuses on the way students learn. Therefore, Students’ Personalized Learning Plan incorporates full curriculum requirements included by educators in each country. Students are empowered to plan their daily, weekly, and monthly goals, which fosters self-esteem and autonomy. By working on these goals, they learn to develop strategies to reach them, to enhance and augment their strengths, and to improve weaknesses.

How long does it take to see results?

Public schools have improved academic performance in as little as one year.