Realizing every student's potential.

Under a specific school or an entire school district request, Learning One to One provides:

1. Continuous Professional Development for Educators and the education community;

2. Expert guidance for whole-school reform;

3. A Learning Process Management online app that enhances the students’ learning experience;

4. Continuous support to improve academic performance.

FRE evolves every year, allowing educators to be prepared for students learning requirements in this never-ending transformation in the world.

Knowledge Management


The Role of the Educator

A Teacher imparts knowledge; The Educator develops the faculties and empowers a person. The role of an Educator in FRE is to be the catalyst of excellence – a facilitator of learning – and be able to foster the very best in every student. Learning how to work and educate using FRE will require an open minded approach and that this professional goes through the same process of learning as their students and thus, better understand the challenges that students have.

The Educator

The Educator focuses on how to best bridge the gap between prior experience and new knowledge, while recognizing that every student drive their own learning with the appropriate support. The Educator does not question the student from the standpoint of rigid disciplinary knowledge, but from the place of encouraging student exploration.

This means that the Educator asks exploratory questions (both cognitive and experiential) that engender students seeking answers independently in a true self-paced learning process. They must be the person that guides the student so that he/she can find a solution for a question or issue he/she has. The Educator becomes the person that makes it possible for the student to find alternatives for solving his/her own inquiries, the facilitator of the learning process.

The Student Learning Manager

Student Learning Managers provide permanent guidance at school that takes into account their personal characteristics and socio-emotional realities. Student Learning Managers guide the student towards the best strategies to organize and develop tasks and to highlight the student’s personal characteristics, which will allow them to achieve self-awareness of his/her own skills, strengths, and challenges. The Student Learning Manager is in charge of providing guidance, support, and advice during the learning process so they can perform well in their academic and personal lives. The Student Learning Manager also promotes and enables students to acquire good work and learning habits.

As the person in charge of learning skill development and work discipline, the Student Learning Manager supports the student to make his/her own decisions such as time management and goal-setting, which helps the student learn how to make commitments and fulfill responsibilities.

The Role of Technology

A tool that allows students to amplify their learning experience.

FRE works with or without technology because it starts from the student and then the use of available resources. Whenever students and Educators have access to a computer, Learning One to One provides a Learning Process Management App, fulfilling curriculum requirements and the development of learning autonomy.

A student’s Learning Plans, work and indicators are all kept in the system. The lines of communication are transparent among the education community, including parents. This real-time picture creates a level of responsibility and accountability for students, parents, and faculty.