How We Work

Learning One to One Foundation

Under a specific school or an entire school district request, Learning One to One Foundation provides expert guidance for whole-school reform, teacher, parent, and student training to adopt FRE, an on-line app that enhances the students learning experience, and continuous support to improve academic and technology performance. FRE evolves every year, allowing educators to be prepared for students learning requirements in this never-ending transformation in the world.

The Fontan Relational Education is a personalized pedagogy model proven to improve student academic performance. It was created in 1957 by two Spanish psychologists Ventura Fontan and his wife Emilia Garcia. They founded the “Centro Psicotécnico” (Psycho-technical Center) in Medellin, Colombia. The center was dedicated to educational investigation, development and experimentation with new teaching methodologies and tools. In 1985, as a result of their research and implementation of new methodologies, they started the Fontan School of Medellin, which was approved by the Colombian National Ministry of Education as the first innovative school in Colombia. The Fontan Relational Education has been self-perfected in the past 57 years, and proves that education can be transformed and that each student can develop his/her dormant potential to a level of excellence. Students have different interests, abilities and learning pace. In the traditional education model, these students are required to be in the same classroom. Negative results are related mostly to the lack of interest in the subjects taught and to the number of students in the classroom. A student’s productivity, interest and creativity are limited when they are required to share a learning model. Innovation occurs when a student has the freedom to create, instead of having to follow a learning framework established by others. FRE has been successfully utilized for more than five decades in Colombia, and more recently in Spain, Chile, and the United States.

FRE focuses on developing cognitive skills

along with intellectual, personal, and socio-emotional skills.


Students must reach excellence in every unit of study they learn. Although time is variable, quality of a student’s learning process is expected to improve consistently. Students habitually aim for excellence during their entire academic experience and will potentially repeat this skill in every aspect of their lives.

Development of Autonomy

Autonomous learning is understood as the individual’s capacity to learn and grasp the world through itself, using his/her own skills. Fontan Relational Education trains students to become autonomous, 21st Century learners. The more autonomous students are, the more productive they become.

Educators are

A catalyst is “an action between two or more persons or forces, initiated by an agent that itself remains unaffected by the action.” Educators assist students in the process to become autonomous learners, who rely less and less on their Educators to learn.


The curriculum is followed through the Student Learning Plan. Students are empowered to plan their daily, weekly, monthly goals, creating self-esteem and autonomy. They learn to develop strategies to reach goals and how to enhance their strengths , as well as how to improve on their weaknesses.