Under a specific school or an entire school district request, Learning One to One provides:

Continuous Professional Development for Educators and the education community
Expert guidance for whole-school reform

A Learning Process Management online app that enhances the students’ learning experience
Continuous support to improve academic performance

FRE evolves every year, allowing educators to be prepared for students learning requirements in this never-ending transformation in the world.

Learning One to One has provided its services in:


Through academic work, students discover the importance of what they do, they learn how to research, and develop intellectual autonomy and creativity.

From their emotions, students build a meaningful life, develop the capacity to effectively manage challenges, strengthen their self-esteem and go through a process of self-recognition, acceptance and respect.

Their social environment allows them to set common goals, develop leadership, make group decisions, be responsible for their groups, learn to be supportive, and develop an ability to transform social environments.

They learn to solve problems, build knowledge, work to achieve excellence, to self-assess, and work on projects that require creativity and critical thinking.

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Real World Problem Solving

They develop discipline and become decision makers, assume responsibility for their actions, plan ahead, manage their own time, and learn how to effectively work in challenging situations.

With a clear vision of their responsibilities, the significance of their own realities and capabilities, students add value to today’s society, regardless of their grade or age.

Innovation and productivity, which have a direct impact on the economic and the social growth of your country, begins at the early stages of the educational process.

FRE allows students to move from “content consumers” to actors in their learning experience, having personalized guidance by their educators. Quality becomes the constant, and time the variable.

Students are respected for their differences so that their potential is explored to the fullest. They become challenged to the best of their ability, which will enable them to be successful academically and in their lives. The impact extends beyond the academic performance, including aspects such as decrease in school dropout, failure, and effectiveness of educators.

  • Variable time and constant excellence achievement for all
  • Personalized learning path for each student accompanied by educators that give individualized attention
  • Ongoing evaluation of each student’s learning process
  • Highlight of each student’s potential
  • Learning autonomy drives lifelong learning
  • Developing intellectual, socio-emotional and personal as a daily practice
  • Technology used as a tool at all times
  • Students are able to begin their academics on any day of the year