Learning One to One and Fontan Relational Education bring two concepts to the forefront that under traditional education just do not exist – Personalized Student learning and excellence. It is the result of these concepts that drive lifelong success. Students have an active role in their education by learning to monitor and evaluate their own work. The student takes ownership of their learning experience.

Educators accompany students as they progress throughout their academic experience. Student Learning Coaches assist students in developing the skills necessary to plan and grow in their level of autonomy. Students and parents have the ability to continue to work outside traditional school hours because Learning Plans are personalized to each student. If on vacation or on a sick leave unable to attend school, students can stay current with their work as long as they put in the time – it’s all online. Students can pursue their passion because their learning plan is designed around it!

Through academic work, students discover the importance of what they do, they learn how to research, and develop intellectual autonomy and creativity. From their emotions, students build a meaningful life, develop the capacity to effectively manage challenges, strengthen their self-esteem and go through a process of self-recognition, acceptance and respect. They learn to solve problems, build knowledge, work to achieve excellence, to self-assess, and work on projects that require creativity and critical thinking. They develop discipline and become decision makers, assume responsibility for their actions, plan ahead, manage their own time, and learn how to effectively work in challenging situations.

Under a specific school or an entire school district request, Learning One to One provides expert guidance for whole-school reform, teacher, parent, and student training to adopt FRE, an on-line app that enhances the students learning experience, and continuous support to improve academic and technology performance every day. FRE evolves every year, allowing educators to be prepared for students learning requirements in this never-ending transformation in the world.

FRE drives student excellence – better, faster, and more efficiently. This means better results, with lower cost and higher quality.

Flexible and Adaptable

Curriculum requirements aligned to State Standards. This is possible because FRE transforms the way students learn, regardless of the content.

Qino "Cloud" Technology

Students have access to their learning plans anytime and anywhere. Qino is the first Learning Process Management System that focuses on managing the process, rather than housing content. It is the perfect pairing tool to enable students in their journey of becoming autonomous learners.

Student Excellence

Time is the variable where excellence is the standard. With a flexible learning schedule, students take as much time as necessary on subjects. After all, time management is also a 21st century skill. A student who struggles in one subject and excels in other will manage their time to achieve excellence in both as time is flexible. Students, who usually fail the year in a traditional system, need only 1-2 month(s) to remediate their studies in the FRE. In this case, no student fails the year.


The Fontan Relational Education system is implemented at a whole school level. It takes approximately one month to train Educators, and approximately two months for a student to become fluent in the new learning process. It is a life-changing experience, as it will develop academics AND 21st century skills.