Respect & Honoring of Differences

For the last four decades, academics have researched and concluded that one-on-one is the best educational approach. The educational methodology must adapt to students and enable them to work with their own unique learning rhythm. Fontan Relational Education focuses on realizing every student’s potential through a personalized learning plan.

Development of Autonomy

Autonomous learning is understood as the individual’s capacity to learn and grasp the world through itself, using his/her own skills.  Fontan   Relational Education trains students to become autonomous, 21st Century learners. The more autonomous students are, the more productive they become.

Educators Are Catalysts

A catalyst is “an action between two or more persons or forces, initiated by an agent that itself remains unaffected by the action.” Educators assist students in the process to become autonomous learners, who rely less and less on their Educators to learn.

Student Excellence

Students must reach excellence in every unit of study they learn. Although time is variable, quality of a student’s learning process is expected to improve consistently. Students habitually aim for excellence during their entire academic experience and will potentially repeat this skill in every aspect of their lives.


The curriculum is followed through the Student Learning Plan. Students are empowered to plan their daily, weekly, monthly goals, creating self-esteem and autonomy. By working on their Student Learning Plans, students learn to develop strategies to reach goals to understand their strengths and how to augment them, as well as their weaknesses and how to overcome them.

Relational Education

The Fontan Relational Education is called “Relational” because students move to the next topic in all subject areas only when they are able to “relate” with excellence everything they have learned to their daily lives, increasing knowledge retention and their chances to succeed